Fan of Ryan "Nik" Vikedal? Your at the right place!

Here your going to find all you possibly need to know about Ryan that there is to know. I hope to have everything about Ryan here in great detail, whether it be information, photos, Music, even what he drinks, it will be here!

I hope that every time you visit this site, there will be something new for you to see. Pictures, Audio, News, Anything! I hope to have it added ASAP.

In my opinion there would be no Nickelback if it wasn't for Ryan, And I'm also still and will always be a HUGE! fan of the band because they ROCK HARD! but I'm also a HUGE fan of Ryan, and the work that he did and still does to this day! But don't get me wrong! I like Daniel and everything he does, hes a wicked drummer himself, but overall Ryan was my favorite and still is!

I'd like to let everyone know that if they have anything they can contribute to this website ANYTHING email me with the info or anything else @

Creator-Jesse Grady 
Hope you enjoy your stay!

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